What is a Driftless Kid?

After much encouragement from many friends I am stepping out of my comfort zone; and I’m going to start blogging.  I don’t tweet, so the least I can do is blog.  So, bear with me as I attempt to determine if I have something valuable to say.

My mother and I started our toy and book store in November, 2015, after recognizing that we were both burned out by the antiques that we had previously been selling in our shop and we were frustrated by the lack of variety in children’s toys and books available in our town.

We opened just before the holidays as an experiment to see if our concept would fly.  We started out as a mama and kids boutique.  While the mama goods were fun, they weren’t the big seller.  The kids products were what our customers wanted.  Taking our customers’ cues we decided to focus solely on the children’s toys and books.  In spring of 2016, Driftless Kids was born.

So, why Driftless Kids?  We live in the Driftless area of Wisconsin – the unglaciated landscape is the perfect setting for adventure.  We feel that kids are beacons to adventure.  All children are naturally curious – it’s how we learn.  What happens when I touch this?   What’s behind the flap in this book?  Where did Mommy go when her hands came up?

At Driftless Kids we thrive on adventure and curiosity.  We only carry books, toys, and creative goods that serve to heighten the imagination, inspire children to ask questions, and lead children and their families off on new adventures.



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